The course of the Trinacria Half Triathlon 113 will entirely take place in the municipality of Santa Croce Camerina in the province of Ragusa. This small town became famous in Italy because of the series "Il Commissario Montalbano" based on the tales by Andrea Camilleri. The race start will be in front of Detective Montalbano's house in fiction. The extraordinary beautiful beach will be a unique setting for athletes and accompanying persons.

The Transition Area will be on Piazza Faro just behind the small port of the fishing village of Punta Secca.

The Cycling section will be entirely closed to vehicular traffic and will consist of 3 laps of about 30km with a total elevation gain of just over 600m.

Finally, the Running course will consist of 4 laps along the amazingly beautiful beach front road that goes towards Marina di Ragusa.

swim course

The race, like the Ironman Kona, will start from the water so that the athletes will feel safer and the course will be one single 1.9km loop.

bike course

Bike course will be super fast and will allow athletes to express the maximum of their potential.  You will leave the village of Punta Secca in the direction of Santa Croce Camerina. Three laps entirely closed to traffic. Refreshments will be every 25km and every athlete will have the chance to have water bottles with water or electrolytes and of course bananas and dried fruit.

run course

Running section will follow the coast and the 4 loops will allow the fans to follow the race and encourage all athletes. The arriva,l just in front of Montalbano's house, will be the best place to celebrate all the Finishers and tell them... "Finisher I AM!"